肺炎の 恐怖も外に 早桜

The world is afraid of the pneumonia caused by coronavirus.  This is also one aspect of modern society where the traffic of people has increased.  The battle between humanity and the virus will last forever.  The very Viruses are the greatest enemy of mankind.


小雪避け 格子戸くぐれば 京善哉

As I was walking around Sannenzaka in Higashiyama, Kyoto, light snow began to flicker. Instinctively, I opened the lattice door of the tea shop beside the road and entered. I ordered Kyo-Zenzai. I have not forgotten as yet that it was delicious.


眩しさを 呼び戻したい シクラメン

Pure as cotton white cyclamen, light red cyclamen and light purple cyclamen, Fuse Akira’s “Cyclamen-no-Kaori” that sang from encounters to goodbyes with the lovers caught the hearts of many people. I wonder how many years have passed since that time. I wonder if I would’ve lost the spark joys. 



から風に 合わせ鼻歌 壺湯かな

“Tsuboyu” is a hot spring that one or two people enter.  There is also a bathtub made of pottery as shown in the photo. If you are bathing alone in “Tsuboyu”, you will naturally want to sing humming.


緋毛氈 セブンダフォディルズ 水仙郷

At Narcissus area in Tonboike Park in Kishiwada City, Osaka, I am sitting on a chaise lounge with red carpet, drinking amazake and listening to the songs of Brothers Four flowing from my smartphone. By the way, the songs I listen to are “Seven Daffodils”.

『セブン ダフォディルズ』は、リー・ヘイズが作詞作曲し、カレッジ フォークソングの旗手として頭角を現していたフォークグループ ザ・ブラザース・フォア (The Brothers Four) が、この曲を1964年にカバーし、大ヒットした名曲です。歌詞の内容は、家も土地もお金もない貧しい大学生が恋人に七つの水仙を捧げようと いうないようの恋歌です。

梅ヶ枝を グラスに生けて 花見酒

Three days from January 25 are Lunar New Year.  In Japan, the event is almost forgotten except in some regions.  But it is the most important holiday in Southeast Asia including China.



暖冬で 苦労知らずの 蕗の薹

In normal years, Fuki-no-tou, which sprout with frost pillars and open leaves with thaw, are about to bloom this year without such ordeals. Fuki-no-tou is an indispensable foodstuffs in early spring wild vegetable dishes, but what about the taste this year?


可愛さに 鬼の目緩む 節分草

Setsubunso begins to bloom after the Setsubun, but it has already bloomed this year. I think everyone will want to gently snuggle up to the secretly blooming dainty little flower in this cold day.