琵琶湖畔 マラソン人が 開く春

February is over today.  It’s been two months in no time.  The epidemic of infection by the new coronavirus that has continued since last year has subsided a little, but the infection is still spreading worldwide. The pandemic caused by the Spanish flu 100 years ago took three years to settle, so it’s still unpredictable.  However, unlike those days, medical technology has improved and vaccine technology has advanced, so I think it will end sooner than when a Spanish flu had been widespread, and I would like to expect that.  At the “Lake Biwa Marathon” held today, Kengo Suzuki (25) won the new Japanese record of 2 hours 4 minutes 56 seconds.  Good news.  We want to get out of this depressed situation as soon as possible.


願掛けて 雛壇飾りは いや高く

In the Inatori district of Higashiizu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a custom of “Hina hanging decoration” that has been handed down since the Edo period.  Wishing for the healthy growth and good luck of the daughter, a handmade doll made by the mother and grandmother sewing pieces of cloth is hung on both ends of Hina decorations.  It is now widely known and many people come to see the “Hina hanging decoration”.  There will be a few venues for “Hinamatsuri decorations” in the town, but the highlight is the “Hinamatsuri decorations” at the Susanoo Shrine. The dolls and hanging decorations on the 108 steep stairs, combined with the torii gate in front of the stairs, will move people’s hearts.


百均で 買った我が家の 雛人形

All 100-yen shops called Hyakkin or 100-yen shop have become firmly established, and have grown to become known as “100-yen culture.”  The total sales of 100-yen shops exceed 500 billion yen, which is close to 1/10 of the total sales of department stores (185 stores).  I was surprised that half of the second floor of a nearby supermarket is a 100-yen shop.  Most items such as daily necessities and stationery are available.  I’m curious about some surprising products and the cheaper products that I think is 100 yen, and I think this is also a factor that attracts customers.  When I’m looking for Hina dolls corner because it is just the time, cute goods are lined up all over the place.  By the way, Daiso, a major 100-yen shop, has 125 stores overseas.


洋風カフェ 居心地良さそに 飾り雛

A coffee cafe that I stopped by.  The floor is decorated with Hina dolls in a marble Western-style cafe.  The menus served are all Western-style, not to mention coffee.  It will be accepted by young people without any sense of incongruity.  I think I saw the characteristics of Japanese culture here as well.  This Hinamatsuri wasn’t so popular until very recently, not to mention shortly after the war.  This may be a characteristic of the information-oriented society, but it also seems to be the result of the enrichment of society and the creation of relaxation in the mind.  There will be many events going on this year, but I’m curious about what changes will be brought into the tradition.


八重の梅 引き立て役は 葉水仙

The daffodil flowers have almost disappeared, and the leading role has changed to plum blossoms.  The bright pink plums are further accentuated by the dark green daffodils.  There are many days when the temperature varies greatly.  There are days when the maximum temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, while there are days when the minimum temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius, and I am confused about what to wear every day.  But spring is definitely approaching.  The mountain surface looks soft with sprout sprouts, and the cherry blossom sprouts lined up along the nearby river are swelling.  The number of people walking with short sleeves is increasing.  Large carps gather while making a noise in the food that the children sprinkle.  It’s just a spring scene that I can’t think of in late February.


カタバミが 二月陽気に 浮かれ咲き

Katabami(the bermuda buttercups) are blooming all at once along the road.  Normally, it starts to bloom in time with the cherry blossoms, but it seems that it bloomed because of the cheerfulness of like May.  The origin of Katabami is South Africa, and because of its beautiful flowers, it has been imported to various parts of the world.  It was introduced to Japan in the early Meiji era, and initially it was seen only in Kagoshima, but now it has spread to a wide area south of the Kanto region.  It is now commonly found in ornamental breeds and in parks and roadside plantings, but it is harmful to livestock and reduces milk fat when dairy cows accidentally eat in the pasture.  Also, at golf courses and soccer fields, it is difficult to remove because it is a great enemy to the lawn.


葉桜で 人も遠のく 人力車

About 800 Kawazu cherry trees are planted on both banks of the Aono River, which flows through Shimogamo Onsen in the center of Minamiizu Town, the southernmost tip of the Izu Peninsula.  It’s usually in full bloom now, but due to the warm winter this year, the leaves of the cherry blossoms are already noticeable.  Due to the influence of Corona, various events have been canceled, and it seems that the local famous rickshaw has few users and seems to have nothing to do.  Yesterday seemed a cheerful early summer nationwide and that a lot of people rushed to the resort.  If you look at the calendar, it’s still February.  The TV reports the forecast of cherry blossoms nationwide just now.


三枝(さきぐさ)の 歌にあやかり なぞる指

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, a famous poet of ancient Japan, also has a waka poem about Mitsumata.  Mitsumata was named “Mitsumata” because its branches are divided into three parts.  It is also referred to as mitsumata, three branches, or three forks.  Mitsumata opens pale yellow flowers all at once as if to announce spring, so it was also called “Sakikusa(Flowers telling spring) and it was said to be an auspicious auspicious grass, so it was also called “happy grass”.  Along with mulberry, it is also an important raw material for Japanese paper, and it is also used in Japanese banknotes, which are known worldwide for their excellence.

「春されば まず三枝の 幸くあらば 後にも逢はむな 恋ひそ吾妹」(春が来ればまず真っ先に咲く三枝のように、幸いならばまた逢えるだろう。そんなに恋焦がれないでおくれ、愛しい人よ)

駿河の海 井田の菜の花 富士の嶺

Rape blossoms in Ita, Numazu City are in full bloom.  The azure Suruga Bay spreads over there, and Mt. Fuji, which is still covered with snow even in the middle, is gently expanding its base in the cloudless sky.  It seems that this view of early spring stands aloof from the world.  The corona vaccine has finally begun to be taken in Japan, and it seems that a ray of light has begun to shine, but it seems that the corona won’t be over this year yet. Looking at the news on TV, there are some bright news, but there are also many depressing news.  Last night I couldn’t stand it and turned off the news and kept listening to my favorite music.


大地から 噴き出た梅の 大噴水

The weeping plums are in full bloom.  Seen from the distance, it looks like a red fountain spouting from the earth.  There are many other plants that are named “weeping”, such as weeping cherry blossoms or weeping willow. Most hardwood forests have the possibility of weeping. However, many trees spread branches toward the top and die when the branches hang down.  It seems that the mechanism is how the annual rings are made. Therefore, since trees have branches because they receive sunlight efficiently, so   it’s okey to hang down.  Since there are also weeping persimmons and weeping peaches, “weeping” should have many benefits for plants, and it seems that the mechanism of “weeping” is not really understood.